What if you were able to build a stockpile of nourishing, wholesome food to create food stability for your family in LESS hands-on time than it takes you to get supper on the table? AND you had a recipe book of mouth watering meals to create using your canned goods?

Maybe you…. 

  • Are scared to try canning food because you don’t know how to do it without making your family sick
  • Are terrified of using the pressure cooker
  • Are becoming flustered with inflation and fear of not being able to afford groceries
  • Maybe you aren’t even sure you should be preserving foods if you don’t have the means to grow the food in the first place...

  • Or maybe you have a growing fear of long term power outages and not having food during emergency situations...


You were able to source nourishing goods even if you didn't have the means to grow them...

You learned how to can and preserve foods safely and created a stockpile for an emergency situation...

And you had the strategy to do it all without spending the entire day in your kitchen just by adding these simple steps into your daily routine...

There's a common misconception

that canning and preserving food actually takes a LOT of laborious tasks including standing in the kitchen for hours snapping green beans among many other tedious tasks but I am here to tell you there is a better way!

After 10 years preserving food and 7 years of owning a large veggie operation

I’ve made all the mistakes for you and finally mastered the art of canning and preserving delicious food with less hands-on time than it takes to get supper on the table!

Here's what you'll master:

☀️ Sourcing economical food: How and where to source food even when you can’t or don’t want to grow your own to

🌱 Safe food preservation: How to can goods properly so they don’t make you sick

🍅 Stockpiling like a pro: How to build up your stockpile of safely preserved, shelf stable food without spending all day in the kitchen 

🥘 Mouth watering recipes: My absolute favorite recipes the whole family loves
Efficiency: using simple steps that take less hands on time than getting supper on the table, easily added into your daily routine


My online course teaching you everything I know about canning goods

Yes, You CAN

Take a peak inside...

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  Preparing to Preserve
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  Fill Your Shelves with Meat, Beans & More: Pressure Canning Basics!
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  Jams, Jellies, Pickles and Fruits Galore: Water Bath Canning high acid foods
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  Keep your Sanity: Surviving preserving season without burnout!
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  Let's Get Food On Your Table: How to cook with preserved food
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  Enjoy your stockpile & fill it up again!
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Hi, I'm Ashley owner of Pleasant Grove Homestead

As I mentioned earlier I have been canning and preserving food for a DECADE and now operate a local business feeding our neighbors the wholesome food we grow right on our property. I have been asked on several occasions how to can goods or what to do to cut down on the time it takes to preserve my food. In this course I share how I went from unsure and fearful of not having food stability and spending hours upon hours in the kitchen as a beginning canner, to a happy homesteader who feeds her loved ones the best nutrition with a stockpile that I know will feed us through any natural disaster or emergency situation.

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This course has everything you need to become a master canner but...

you need to ACT FAST. This presale will only be going on for 3 days and afterward the price will immediately increase, never to be this low again.

This could be you

Imagine… confidently preserving your harvest, building a well-stocked pantry, and crafting mouthwatering recipes that embody the essence of feeding yourself and your family nourishing food.

This IS for you if...

  • You fear the uncertainty that inflation brings with skyrocketing food prices
  • You want to have an emergency stash of food but are unsure of where to start
  • You dream of opening your storage area to see nourishing, preserved food ready to be fed to your loved ones
  • You long to feed your family wholesome, local foods year round
  • You believe that not all food is created equal
  • You want to make mouth watering recipes that will soon become the new family favorites
  • You are ready to begin canning but only have a little time to spare
  • You desire the food stability canning brings whether a natural disaster, financial hardship or any other emergency happens

This is NOT for you if...

  • You believe all food is created equal
  • You would like to spend hours in the kitchen because you have the free time to do so
  • You are not concerned about food stability
  • You are comfortable not knowing the life skill of how to can and preserve food
  • You are not interested in learning a more sustainable way of feeding your family

Ready to unlock my decade's worth of canning secrets?

Jump in on this deal TODAY before the price increases. As a presale purchaser you will get to can alongside myself as I complete this seasons harvest! You will get first access to harvest and can alongside me THIS SEASON!

(After October 8th enrollment will be closed until some time in 2024. When enrollment re opens the price will have increased because it will be packed with EVEN MORE tips, but since you're here early I wanted to let you in at this great low rate)

We are constantly adding material, grab the course now for the BEST PRICE!

See you inside the course and remember...

Yes, you CAN!

-Ashley 🌱

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